For Teachers: How to use the Lessons

Follow the “Lessons” to the right. Click on the lesson number and go through the material. Ideally, in one session you should read through one “How to Teach” and learn the corresponding signs posted in the lesson. (For example: Read through the “How to Teach: Diaper Change” and learn the corresponding sign under “Diaper Change.”)

You can print the “How to Teach” instructions and/or the “Lesson Posters” by pressing the “print” button located at the bottom of any post you may like to print. The lesson posters and category posters (found in the topical dictionary) can be printed out and placed in convenient places as quick references. They can always be found on this site both under their lesson and in the category “How to Teach” or “Posters.”

In Lesson Four you will learn how to teach nouns, verbs, adjectives etc in general. Each one of those lessons includes a link to the corresponding Topical Sign Language Dictionary category of words you can use with that method.

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